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5 Things to keep in mind before you print your materials

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In an increasingly digital environment, having visually excellent printed materials for your business provides a renewed opportunity to attract customers’ attention and truly differentiate your brand from the competition.

Making the most of the possibilities that print presents require a grasp of good printing. The standards guiding printed material creation are slightly different from those with website design or digital advertising, with which you may be more familiar. There are both design and printing considerations that you should discuss with your designer and printer before initiating the print run, and this will help you avoid potentially costly errors and the need for a reprint.

Ensure that the technical parts are correct.

Above all, ensuring that your printed materials have the desired impact depends on the printed page looking exactly how you envisioned it on the computer. There are a few technical considerations to bear in mind to ensure that you accomplish this:

Bleed means that whatever design you create ensures that the visual assets extend slightly beyond the design’s boundaries. This is so that the printing business may trim off any excess material at the end of the printing process, and there is no possibility of a distracting white border appearing at the corners.

If you’re printing something with pages (such as a booklet or brochure), you must account for ‘creep.’ The more pages a printed product has, the thicker it becomes; the more space is required between the edge of the paper in the spine and the visuals and text you want people to see.


Have an understanding of how colour and design work

While full degrees are taught in visual design, there are several fundamental skills that almost anyone can grasp to make some great-looking advertising imagery:

The most critical principle is to ensure that you understand the colour wheel, and this will assist you in determining how each colour utilized in your advertising materials complements or contrasts with each other.

Recognize how white space works: Just as with web design, it’s frequently less about what you put on the page than it is about what you leave off. The most effective printed products are typically simple and “elegant” in design, with enough white space to direct attention to only the most critical pieces of information.

Recognize your audience: The most effective printed products speak directly to their intended audience. Conduct some study about the area in which you wish to distribute your printed material. Discover the local culture and monuments and use them in your creations.

Pick the right stock to make a good first impression.

Good stock does many things, but for one thing, it makes the hand feel nicer and more luxurious. Every brand could use a little more of that. Colours will look better, and text will be easier to read if you use good paper stock. This means that the printed material will last longer if it is made of good, thick stock that isn’t easy to break.

Find out if your printer will use digital or offset printing before hiring them.

There are two ways to print that can have a big effect on the end product:

Offset printing: With offset printing, a “plate” is made for your image, and the image is made by “rolling” ink rollers over the surface of the paper with that plate. Offset printing is more cost-effective when you need to print many copies, and it also allows you to use a broader range of paper and ink types, like metallic and Pantone colours, which can be used in offset printing.

When you print with digital media, you get a more candid picture, and the image is sent directly from the digital file to the paper surface. On the other hand, commercial printers use much more advanced printer technology to keep the quality of the print the same as when you print at home. There is no need to make a plate for a digital print because there is no need to make a plate that runs shorter than a few days.

The best way to meet your budget and get the printing solution you need is to know all of the benefits and drawbacks of each printing method that Gold Coast printing services offer.

Pay attention to the finish and the coating.

As soon as you’ve made sure everything is in order and decided whether or not your material will be printed by offset or digital, you’ll also need to determine what kind of finish and coating you’ll give it. Whether or not the paper will be smooth or rough is called “finish.” A smooth finish will more accurately show the artwork and colours that you’ve designed on the screen.