Clean Workplace for Your Staff

Clean Workplace for Your Staff

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Clean Workplace for Your Staff

Clean Workplace for Your Staff. Good cleaning at work should start with the cleanest surface first, progressively moving towards the dirtiest surface.

Surfaces properly cleaned should be left as dry as possible to reduce the risk of slips and falls, as well as spreading of viruses and bacteria through droplets.

When a surface is disinfected, disinfectant may not kill all the viruses if the surfaces have not been cleaned with a strong detergent first.

The instructions on the chemicals will state the correct way to use disinfectant. Most disinfectants require sometime to be effective at killing viruses. If no time is specified, the disinfectant should be left for 15 minutes before wiping the surface clean.

A Clean Workplace Cuts Down on Sick Days

One way in which workplace cleanliness promotes productivity is by reducing down on the number of absent days that employees take. By keeping staff healthy keeps them prepared for work.

Cleaning often keeps most bacteria at bay. If bacteria are reduced, they stand less of a chance of causing illness. Most employees stand a better chance of turning up for work with productive states of mind, ready to take on their daily work if their work environment is a clean one.

Hire a  professional cleaning company. Once staff get in the routine of this your businesses with a professional cleaning company can focus on the larger picture things instead of spending hours of cleaning tasks that your staff should not be doing.

To minimise the risk of getting coronavirus, you should :

  • practice good hygiene
  • wear disposable impermeable gloves, a surgical mask, and eye protection or a face shield
  • wash hands with water and soap (use alcohol-based hand sanitiser if
  • soap is not available) before and after wearing protective gear
  • dispose of gloves and masks in a leak-proof plastic bag

Clean Workplace for Your Staff

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