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“Tips on Cleaning Your Printer “

By 29/03/2021July 14th, 2021No Comments
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Tips on Cleaning Your Printer

Tips on Cleaning Your Printer. Inkjet printers may look like little plastic boxes with some electronics crammed inside, but they are actually very sophisticated pieces of hardware. Witness the print head zipping back and forth while spraying drops of ink the size of a red blood cell and hitting the mark with that drop thousands of times a second. Get the idea? Printers need care and should be taken care of to get consistent print quality, paper feed, and longer print life.

Cleaning your printer when needed will prolong its life, give you better printing results, and allow you to get the maximum number of printed pages out of your ink cartridges.

Considering the cost of printer ink, keeping your printer running at full efficiency could be a major money saver. That’s why we’re going to break down why, when and how to clean your printer.

Perhaps the best way to avoid printer head clogs is to stop them from happening. Keep your ink flowing free by:

  • Using your inkjet printer at least twice a week.
  • Running head cleaning cycles as least once a month.
  • Occasionally run paper of differing thickness through your printer to clear excess ink off the heads.
  • Stick with genuine ink cartridges.
  • Occasionally use a “cleaning cartridge” or “maintenance cartridge” if available for your model printer.

Inkjet and laser printers have a built-in utility that cleans printer heads automatically. You can access this a number of ways, but one of the most common methods is to launch your printer software and find the “clean” function.

Make sure to refer to your printer’s user guide for alternate methods that may be performed straight from the button pad. The automatic cleaning process requires a blank sheet of paper and will use up some of your toner or ink as the printer as it performs the programmed cleaning cycle.

Never turn your printer off in the middle of this task. When the cycle is complete, you can print a test page to determine if cleaning was successful. Repeat the process if necessary.

Tips on Cleaning Your Printer

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