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“Offset Printing or Digital Printing “

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Offset Printing or Digital Printing

Offset Printing or Digital Printing. Is offset printing better than digital printing? It’s a question many have asked before, and the answer is not as clear and straight-forward as you might think.

Generally speaking, offset printing works by transferring ink from a plate to a rubber sheet, which then rolls the ink onto paper, vinyl or other surface. This is in contrast to digital printing, which does not use plates to transfer ink to paper.

When planning a print project, it’s important to weigh the advantages and drawbacks of the different printing processes in use today. Here, we take a comprehensive look at offset and digital printing and help you decide which of the two is the best for your particular print job.

It allows the printer to use different paper types, custom finishes, and a wide variety of inks. The high-quality images produced through offset printing make it the preferred method, especially among graphic designers, when seeking the greatest level of color reproduction, detail, and professional-looking prints.

High image quality.
Works on a wide range of printing surfaces including paper, wood, cloth, metal, leather, rough paper and plastic.
Quality and cost-effectiveness in high volume jobs.
Great for large format projects
Specialized Colors & Techniques – Offset presses can print PMS colors and utilize gloss/dull varnishes for added texture. Additionally, multiple press “heads” allow for an infinite array of colors and printing techniques.

In digital printing, ink is transferred directly onto the surface. Rather than relying on aluminum plates and rubber blankets to transfer an image, digital printing uses liquid ink during production. Traditional home inkjet printers are one of the most common digital printing methods.

Digital printing requires no manual setup. It’s extremely effective for use with smaller quantity runs. In fact, it is far more cost-effective than offset printing for low volume projects.

Offset Printing or Digital Printing

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