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Why is hygiene important in the workplace?

Hygiene is important in the workplace because it contributes to a healthy workforce. A healthy workforce is happier and more productive. A healthy workplace also means workers take less sick leave.

Why Hygiene Is Important in The Office Kitchen?
As the kitchen is a shared environment, it is vital that good hygiene is observed. Regular cleaning and maintenance of utensils and equipment is a must in any workplace hygiene policy.

Cut Down The Spread of Bacteria and Viruses.

Reducing or stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses in the workplace cannot be over emphasised. Why? Well, it’s only because such things are more rampant in the workplace especially in office kitchens and toilets. As you probably guessed, it’s your job to tell your employees to maintain a certain level of hygiene so as to ensure that their work environment is clean all day every day.

Even when busy and with a large workload, a staff member who feels comfortable in their workspace will perform better. Oppositely, an uncleanly work space, whether full of dust, with dirty carpets, piled up trash, unclean bathrooms, funny odors, unsightly kitchens – can become a breeding ground for bacteria and lead to colds, flu, illnesses, workplace injuries, and more that spread like wildfire around the office.

Having a clean desk policy has the result of making the office space free of clutter. In today’s modern open plan office this is especially welcome. It removes annoying mess and prevents the smell of old paper and food building up. A clean desk policy just generally creates a more positive place to work in.
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