Printer Gold Coast – Why Choose Us

Printer Gold Coast. Offering a far cheaper option than Television or News Paper advertising, Aussie Advertising Agency are delivered along with the mail by Australia Post directly into the residents’ letterbox. This assures you that your potential customers will have this booklet in hand and more than likely see your advertisement.

Aussie Advertising Agency – Reach Over 170,000 Households on the Gold Coast :

Apart from the obvious price advantage, we strive to provide an unbeatable level of service, which allows our valued customers to achieve maximum impact on their customer base for a minimum dollar outlay. AUSTRALIA POST Delivers! Consistently for the past 200 + years…You can be SURE OF THAT, & that you’ve “hit your target market” through our Aussie Advertising Agency Delivery System. The week before your deliveries with Australia Post, you will receive, from us, a confirmation email, attached to which, are copies of the Australia Post receipts and maps for your delivery run, which commences the following week. With this detailed information to hand, All Business Owners are fully informed pre-delivery of their exact delivery areas, exact delivery amounts, and exact delivery dates. These days…’for your peace of mind’ – this detailed information, given pre-delivery, is invaluable to you, & the survival of your business advertising dollars… There can be no doubt that a full print, and a full delivery run is completed every time when you use the professional services of Aussie Advertising Agency. We only offer this original & exclusive service within the Greater Gold Coast Area. We are long-term (30 year) “Experienced Masters of the Print, & Delivery Art“… And we know Aussie Advertising Agency to be the optimum “Value Mechanism” for all Our Delivery area’s. Printer Gold Coast.

So Why Choose ‘Aussie Advertising Agency’ For Your Next printing Marketing Campaign?

You may have decided to launch your next marketing campaign or you may already be using another form of direct mail marketing, so why choose Aussie Advertising Agency over other forms of advertising.

A recent Poll has found that consumers still regard print, or direct mail, as a key form of advertising. According to the PIAA, of the 9,000 people surveyed, Catalogues and Flyers ranked ahead of Television, Print Media and Radio.

This is outstanding information and solidifies how important it is to your business to advertise using this method.

So now you are convinced that Direct mail works, why choose us over other Printing Companies? Printer Gold Coast.

The answer is quite simple; we only use the services of Australia Post for delivery, so delivery is guaranteed, and we handle everything from your initial order to when distribution is complete and you have a sample in your hand.

We can even help with the Graphic Design of your advertisement and offer expert marketing advice.

Other forms of mailbox or direct mail require you to organise your own printing, find a distributor and prepay only to be left in the dark to know if your material even reached your potential customers letterbox.

With Aussie Advertising Agency, we guarantee delivery!

We Print and Deliver Cheaper Than Anywhere on the Gold Coast

Where else can you reach 10,000 homes for as little as $220 plus GST? More importantly, where else can you reach 10,000 homes for as little as $220 plus GST and have all the work done for you along with delivery by Australia Post?

At Aussie Advertising Agency we offer the most cost-effective advertising on the Gold Coast and this is a reason why our loyal customers choose us over any other form of direct mail marketing. Printer Gold Coast.

Keep Out The Competition

We only take on one business type per publication. Not only are you advertising to your immediate local demographic, you are also suppressing the opposition.

So what are you waiting for? Call us NOW to find out how we can help you!

There are approximately 170,000 separate households within Australia’s sixth largest city, the fabulous GOLD COAST and Hinterland. We can book for you the services of Australia Posts’ regular deliveries to each major area within the broader precinct, with extra frequency to the areas of higher demand.

Small retailers and/or service providers :

We also provide highly targeted deliveries within a 10,000 household radius that perfectly suits small retailers and/or service providers who need to create a strong local presence.

Consultancy Services Provided by Aussie Advertising Agency :

Do you already have printed material for distribution on the Gold Coast?

The Aussie Advertising Agency System

Now, for the first time, exclusively in the Gold Coast and Hinterland, you have available to you a truly economical, effective, and high-quality way to establish and maintain a winning public profile within your chosen footprint areas. Our Aussie Advertising Agency system uses the best of all techniques and materials to cement your brand and presence in your “Bailiwick”.

Print Quality?

Only the Best Vibrant 4-colour process delivered by the latest iteration of digital press technology…(photographs print perfectly).

Eye Appeal?

in your court! We will happily retain any Master Templates you require and insert any last-minute body changes to your graphic art / print order.

Delivery Certainty?

Australia Post gets it right! They’ve been around for a long, long time – we automatically, as part of our STANDARD PROCEDURE, send you the Australia Post generated delivery maps for your chosen areas before delivery.


Each specific area edition of 10,000 is very cost effective…It’s reasonable to pose the following question:

Question :

 “How can you offer such low, low prices when we already know that DELIVERY ONLY through Australia Post (or anybody else, for that matter) is expensive?

Answer :

 When we were designing our (multicolored!) Aussie Advertising Agency system, we implemented certain standardization which confer immediate and obvious benefits on our customers:

  1. Leaflet size standard ensures optimal (waste free) use of paper stock and handling equipment
  2. Leaflet size expedites batch handling at Australia Post, therefore minimising their process costs.
  3. Every customer gets the SAME high-gloss, high quality 130gsm paper stock
  4. 10,000 is our optimal (per client) print run which is aggregated.
  5. We have 14 continuous Gold Coast areas of delivery, by aggregating the delivery item, we pass on the considerable savings to each of our customers.

This system allows a very high frequency of delivery runs for minimal cost. Just email us your chosen suburbs and graphic art, we professionally printing, then Australia Post Delivers them.

Start Your Planning Stage… “Gain the March” on Your Competitors

The fast-approaching Change of Season is near and that is the perfect timing for your pamphlet deliveries… Right now is the right time to start your Advertising Campaign with a guaranteed leaflet distribution… Never has there been a more reliable or cost effective way than Aussie Advertising Agency flyer distribution, which works exclusively with Australia Post deliveries to alert and entice your entire customer base to your warm business offering – two weeks before your competition does! To create a brand name in the publics’ mind for your business model… you must printing & deliver your business message to the same customer catchment areas at least 3 times…3 weeks apart on each run.

This is the key to success all our long term clients inform us & why we have very low prices…it’s for you to be able to create a Brand Name.

For Full Details and a Video on Australia Post Unaddressed Mail Deliveries visit There will be no doubt in your mind about the quality of delivery after you have checked out their official policies and website.

How do we do it?

The Flyer Distribution is the Key. Together with a Flyer Delivery Aggregation System, Which Uses the Services of a Modern, High Volume, Printer Together with Australia Post For Leaflet Delivery Certainty! A few days before the pamphlet distribution, we provide you copies of our Australia Post Delivery Receipts & Maps. This secures yours & our records for all letterbox distributions, and proves beyond doubt that with ‘ Aussie Advertising Agency’ – your 10,000 flyers are fully printed & fully delivered!

Whichever Name You Personally Call it, We do it

  • Letterbox Deliveries Gold Coast
  • Leaflet Distributors Gold Coast
  • Pamphlet Delivery Gold Coast
  • Brochure Distribution Gold Coast
  • Flyer Drops Gold Coast
  • Printing Gold Coast
  • Printers Gold Coast

How to Get the Most Out of Aussie Advertising Agency?

The design process can be a tricky one and if this is your first time running a campaign or you have never consulted a marketing professional about your campaign material, you may need a little extra help. Below are some tips and guidance on the best processes to utilize when developing a campaign with us. You may have your own ideas, but should consider these tips when developing your marketing campaign. If after reading the below you are not entirely sure of the best way to get maximum impact through your advertising campaign, call us now on 0408 066 862, we are only a phone call away!

Does Your Advertisement Have a Call to Action?

What is a call to action? A call to action is a marketing term informing your readers to act. Lines like “Call Now” or “Visit www.” are key examples of a call to action and subliminally trigger your readers to “Pick up the phone now” or act immediately. Simple elements like this in your advertisement will benefit you and your readers. Printer Gold Coast.

Are You Making an Offer?

It’s great to advertise your brand and services and be at the forefront of consumer’s minds however, what if your reader hasn’t use your business before and is quite happy using your opposition? A great way to attract your opposition’s customers is to offer them a deal. A 2 for 1 deal or a 10% off coupon are just two simple examples of an offer to attract new customers. This is a great way to attract new customers as well as entice previous clientele to return and use your business once more.

Do You Have a Way to Measure Customer Response and Confirm Your Advertisement is Working?

One method novice marketers seldom consider is a way to track their current campaign and measure whether they are getting the results they desire. Encouraging customers to mention the Ad, for example a Code Word or Coupon Code, is a simple way to do this. Examples of this are; “Quote this number ### to claim your discount or deal” or “Quote this word #### and receive ###.” The possibilities are endless, but the feedback from your advertising is priceless.

Is Your Design Done by a Professional?

Using a professional Graphic Designer can greatly improve your advertising’s impact. Amateur design can hinder your business image and leave potential consumers uncertain about the quality of your product or service. By using professional Graphic Designers printing you can achieve not only a great image, but have consistent branding and colouring throughout your media e.g. website and other marketing collateral. If you do not have access to a professional Graphic Designer just give us a call. We have a full design studio ready to provide you with great looking, professional Ad’s!

Where Does Your Advertising Point to?

Think about what you want your consumers to do and focus on that. It is great to advertise your business and it’s products, services or features but your potential customer still needs to be guided as to how they go about ordering. Combined with the “Call to Action” as mentioned above, focus on what your potential customer has to do to contact you. Do they need to go to your website? If so, can they access the site easily? Do they need to phone a number? If so, who do they talk to? Draw a flow chart on paper (or roughly in your head) of the process they will need to take to get to a purchasing stage within your company. Remember to be reasonable, not all customers are ready to buy straight away and may need more information such as a brochure. An example of a way to minimise the steps in the purchasing process is by directing them to a website where they can fill in their details and requirements in their own time. Now when you contact them you should know exactly who they are, where they are from and what they require!

Be Clean, Clear, and Concise

The most important thing of all is to send out a message that is attention-grabbing, easy to read and interesting! Having too much information on one page can be daunting and deter readers. If you have a lot to say, rather direct them to your web page, or ask them to call for more information. Aussie Advertising Agency is classified as mass printing marketing and gives you access to a wider audience than you have ever had before. A clear, concise message will help speak to this audience and grow your business!

Don’ Just Stop at One

Most printing advertising is repeated to convey the message and to imprint itself in the minds of potential customers. The next time you are settling down on the sofa to watch your favourite TV show take a minute and count how many times the same Ad is played. It will almost certainly be more than once. This is because repetition is the answer in building brand recognition and product awareness. The more your potential customers see your Ad, the higher their chance of recall is and the more likely they will be to use your product or service! Printer Gold Coast.