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“Tips on Tracking Your Printing Advertising “

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Tips on tracking your printing advertising

Printing. Do you think it is important to track and monitor how your advertising is performing? here is some information that can help you along the way. One of the most important elements of marketing and advertising is monitoring your results. If you do not do this you really don’t know what is working for you and what isn’t to the letter. So, one of the biggest things to consider is how do you track your marketing and in this case, how do you do it using pamphlet advertising.

The important thing to remember is why you would want to track your advertising’s performance? Quite simply, it is important to know what return you are getting on your investment. Simply buying an ad space will serve only an awareness marketing with unknown results. Would you really feel comfortable giving a stranger $1000 to market your business and trust they will do it? You would feel more comfortable if you knew who they spoke with and how many they did. Which is exactly what tracking your advertising is all about.

Let us focus on breaking the process down into what elements you will need in your advertising in order to track its performance. You will need something unique to this media especially if you are doing a multi tiered campaign across different media groups.

Use Call Tracking – Printing

There are multiple services that allow for call tracking a phone number that is unique to your advertisement. This allows you to monitor every single phone call that has come through from that particular advertisement. This is a great technique to use if your contact focus is the telephone number.

Use a specially design webpage – Printing

Instead of directing your customers directly to your webpage you can ask them to visit a specific page allowing you to track it. There are tools including Google Analytics that allow you to discover how many people have accessed that page directly or indirectly. Direct URL entries can tell you that you have visitors that have typed in that website address to find you. For an example; instead of advertising your you can advertise, and track the visitors.

Short URL with QR coding

Don’t get too techno-jumbo-phobic it is actually pretty easy to understand and setup. There are services online, paid and free, that you can enter your website address to deliver a short URL, these are those funny looking short hyroglyphic or links you see when your loading up a website. Registering with one of these companies allows you to create a number of different links and track how many times they were accessed. This is a great technique to use when you are advertising your standard web address.

Couple this with what is called a QR Code, those funny looking square barcodes, and you can check how many people have scanned through to your website. Short URL’s are great to use with QR codes as it makes the code easier to scan.

“How did you find us?”

A lot can be learnt by simply asking the question, “How did you find us?” However, don’t just stop there, when filling out quote requests or obtaining someone’s information from your website is quite simple and customers are quite happy to answer a simple question like that. Results can be VERY surprising.

The coupon

Cut this out to claim your coupon. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to understand the effectiveness of your advertising. When you see customers handing in coupons you know exactly where they came from and how they found you. Once again in our digital generation, claim codes or coupon codes are quite the commonplace when entering details into an online ordering system. The customer gets a bargain, but you get valuable marketing knowledge.


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