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Gold Coast Printing : Good Advice

Gold Coast Printing – The most important thing of all is to send out a message that is attention grabbing, easy to read and interesting! Having too much information on one page can be daunting and deter readers. If you have a lot to say, rather direct them to your web page, or ask them to call for more information. Aussie Advertising Agency is classified as mass marketing and gives you access to a wider audience than you have ever had before. A clear, concise message will help speak to this audience and grow your business!

Stock & Artwork Guide :

When choosing a paper stock to print your next marketing campaign on it can be confusing. Paper weight will always be an area that needs to be well thought out to achieve what you want from your printed project.

There are two most common paper types being coated and uncoated, but there are also many specialty papers within these two types. This describes how the paper is manufactured.

Bond stock is uncoated and has no gloss or shine to it at all (it also soaks up colour meaning colours on bond stock are more subdued). It is most commonly used for letterheads and copy paper. Uncoated stocks are used for a variety of projects included but not limited to business cards, book, posters, presentation folders etc.

Coasted stock is exactly as described and has a clear coating that generally will make colours look more intense.

GSM (grams per square meter) referrers to the paper thickness or the weight of a single paper sheet. All paper is weighed the same way. Standard copy paper in Australia is 80gsm. Business Cards and Postcards are printed on 300gsm + and Flyers and Brochures are usually printed on 150gsm.

We have included some most common paper weights and what they are used for below to help assist you in choosing the paper weight for your next project.

For mass mail out / promotional flyers we recommend a coated 150gsm stock. In some instances we will also recommend cello-glaze (varnish) for a very high quality product as this heaps protect the piece, gives it a great look and feel and improves the longevity of the item. Gold Coast Printing.

We Have the Services to Support You :

Offset print runs.
Fast digital printing.
Quality stocks, including environmental options.
In-House finishing including die cutting, cello-glazing, numbering, scoring and perforating.
Scheduled print runs to give you set turnaround times and cost effective options.
In-house packaging and collating for distribution.
Australia wide delivery including standard and priority print services in capital cities.

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